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Fitting Advice

A good fitting bra can make you look slimmer and reduce back and neck pain to help you feel completely confident and at ease, you’re going to want to get the right size bra so here are a       few tips to help you.

  1. The band of your bra provides 80% of the support it should fit firmly but not too tight that it’s uncomfortable. You should only be able to fit two fingers under your bra band anymore and it’s too loose. ( Just because you wear a size 14 top doesn’t mean you’re band size will be the same you may find it’s a smaller size)
  2. When you put on your new bra it’s important that you fasten it on the loosest hook & eye as your bra will naturally stretch with wash and wear. This allows you to move it down to the next hook and eye as it stretches.
  3. If the band is too loose you will notice the weight of your boobs will pull your bra down at the front which will cause the back/band to ride up this means you won’t be getting the support or uplift you deserve. When this happens we can tend to try and support our boobs more by tightening the shoulder straps causing them to dig into your shoulders making your bra uncomfortable & leaving red marks on your shoulders.
  4. The wires at the front of your bra should sit flat against your breast bone between your boobs, if they are standing forward away from your chest then they aren’t encasing your boobs completely indicating your cup size is too small. A larger cup size is needed.
    *If your boobs naturally sit close together there may not be enough room for the centre wires to sit flat on your chest, instead try a plunge style which sit lower at the front.
  5. If your boobs are spilling or bulging out over the top edge, sides or bottom of the cups your cup size is too small. Try a larger cup size
  6. If you have gaping or wrinkled fabric in the cups your cup size is too big. Try a smaller cup size
  7. If the cups lift away from your chest when your arms are lifted. Then either a smaller back and/or cup size is needed.
  8. It is quite common for women to have one boob larger than the other. Sometimes there is only a slight difference, but sometimes there can be a cup size difference. It is important to fit the larger boob so that it is encased by the wire. The straps can be adjusted so they are looser on the larger side and tighter on the smaller side to achieve the best fit. Once the correct bra size has been found, it is a good idea to try a figure hugging top on over it to make sure your happy with the shape and its supportive and smooth with no bulging.

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